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Listen to what IEC Fort Worth/Tarrant County Chapter members are saying about their membership in the IEC


Thomas Estrada, JBI Electrical Systems, Inc.

This is Thomas Estrada. I graduated 2013/2014 and I wanted to say thank you all very much. The opportunity to attend and the school and learn what we did was a great opportunity and I feel very grateful for it. When I received all my hours I applied for my license. Because of the school I was able to take the test and pass it on the first try with an 88%. For that I would like to let everyone with the school in the office, the instructors, and the board members Thank You Very much for everything. It has changed my family and I forever. Everything that you all do at the school is awesome and I hope you all truly understand how proud I am to attend the school and also tell everyone that asks about it to go and apply. Thank you for your time.

Electrical Contractors

David Babcock, President/Owner, Gifford Electric, Inc.
I came to the school during the 1996 school year and graduated in 2000. I have gone from an unemployed truck driver to now owning the electrical contracting company I was an apprentice for. I would never have had this opportunity without the education I received from the IEC Program in Fort Worth. The electrical knowledge I learned in the program is second to none in our industry. Now that I have my master license, I have decided to return to the school as an instructor to pass on the trade to the youth of today. I would not be where I am today without the IEC Fort Worth Apprentice Program!

Terry Browning, President, Cable Electric, Inc.
As an IEC member, we have been able to grow our business and add qualified personnel to meet new challenges through our apprenticeship program. IEC is a great place to enrich our industry thorough education, associations and industry partners. IEC is an advocate for our industry on local, state and federal issues! We are proud to be an IEC member and appreciate the dedication of our chapter and its staff!

Gary Hall, Vice President Field Operations, Cable Electric, Inc.
I started in IEC in 1986 and went through the four year program graduating in 1990. I was working at that time with Freemen Electric and went from large jobs such as schools, auto dealers, jails and food plants working from the ground up. I also ran a service truck up to 1993. Since then I have been with Cable Electrical now for 20.5 years. I am very proud to have had the opportunity to train many apprentices and I am still to this date. On behalf of my family and I, thank you IEC for giving me this opportunity!

Jackie Humphrey, Executive VP-Public Relations & Special Events, Humphrey & Associates, Inc.
We have been members of IEC and affiliated with the Fort Worth Chapter since 1971. Our Fort Worth Chapter has always been one of the most outstanding in the national association and has many public awards and accolades to back that statement up. Before, as an employee of a member firm, and then since the beginning of our own company, H&As 37+ year involvement with IEC has given us innumerable advantages through training, mentoring, political representation both local/state and national as well as getting to know our friendly competitors and suppliers on a different level. We can definitely say IEC has been a very positive factor in our success and longevity, now into our second generation of family as well as other employees’ participation.

Alex Nantz, President, A.B. Electric Company
I graduated from the IEC apprenticeship program in 2005. The program had everything to do with me passing the journeyman license exam in 2004 and eventually the master license exam in 2007. It’s an excellent source for networking with other contractors not only locally but on a national scale as well.

Gary Sodd, Owner, Sodd Electric
IEC has been a valuable partner for my company. Many of my employees have gone through the apprenticeship program and my company has benefited from their education. I also went through the school many years ago. The networking with other contractors has been of great benefit to me and I’ve made many great friends through the organization.

Mike Schwartz, President, Mike’s Electric Co., Inc.
As a retired electrical contractor and past president of the Fort Worth/Tarrant County Chapter, I feel the organization helped me get to where I am today. Through the many years of being a member, this organization helped me tremendously in knowledge and betterment of the industry.

Bobby Tutor, President, Tutor Electrical Service, Inc.
As a newly hired helper in 1981, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to attend the IEC apprenticeship program in Fort worth which placed my electrical career into high gear. Eight years after graduating from IEC, I started my own company and within the first year Tutor Electrical Service, Inc. joined IEC. After 22 years in business, the company has grown from a one man shop to one of the top companies in the nation. IEC has been there for me every step of the way. My company would not be what it is today without the training, mentoring, leadership development and networking opportunities that are available to all our members at IEC. Additionally, IEC provides a strong voice to government that helps protect the merit shop philosophy and the freedoms to own and operate our businesses.

Associate Members

Larry Hencke, Area Manager, AAWC-INC.
With the world of emails, I always look forward to opening the email and seeing what the IEC is doing…no delete button for the IEC, this is the future of the electrical industry! What other organization mixes the old with the new as well as the Fort Worth Chapter?

Heath Howe, Director of Business Development, Bonded Lightning Protection
The Fort Worth IEC Chapter is the best organization that I work with. The communication is always outstanding, events run seamless and people appreciate how the chapter handles it business.

Mike McClendon, Marketing Representative, Federated Insurance
In my experience, IEC members implement the best risk management practices in the industry this has a direct impact on their claims experience and allows these electrical contractors to have lower insurance costs than their competition.

Mark Welch, Fleet Manager, 5 Star Ford
I would like to take this opportunity to say that the quality of the people associated with IEC is outstanding. From the contractor members I have had the pleasure of getting to know to the staff at IEC. I am grateful to have been a part of this great association and look forward to many more years. Marcie and her staff are awesome and they work tirelessly to support its members. Keep up the good work!