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• A highly rated apprenticeship program for the training of electricians approved by the U. S. Department of Office of Apprenticeship.
• Continuing education courses for renewal of state electrical license.
• Programs to insure journeyman electricians are kept up to date on code changes, new techniques and materials.
• Seminars on business topics to enhance the knowledge of electrical contractors and improve their company's profits.


• IEC Fort Worth Chapter newsletter.
• IEC National newsletter and IEC INSIGHTS keep IEC members aware of current economic trends, union activities, new legislation and code interpretations.
• A Professional Safety Program kept up to date to meet the needs of electrical contractors and their employees.
• NEC Code books, general electrical and business manuals and books are offered to members at discounted prices.
• Opportunities to participate in insurance.
• Membership directory listings at the local and national levels.


• Local membership meetings offer members the opportunity to meet and work together on issues currently affecting the industry.
• Members are invited to attend state conferences, national conventions, leadership training and legislative conferences annually. These are great forums for members to share ideas and industry trends.

Other Benefits

• Influence with utility companies. Utility representatives attend meetings to discuss current problems and ways to solve them.
• Guidance with labor issues.
• Efforts to reform national labor laws through government affairs programs.
• Interaction with local governments and authorities to benefit the electrical industry.
• Membership in IEC National
• Membership in IEC Texas

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