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Help Your Members Save a Little Extra During the Holiday Season

Help your members get 2% cash back in The Home Depot Pro Xtra program!

Help Your Members Save a Little Extra
During the Holiday Season

Your members can get 2% cash back by registering for the Pro Xtra program and shopping at The Home Depot!

Promoting The Home Depot Pro Xtra program to your members grants them instant access to IEC member benefits once they've registered for the program.

How Can Your Members Enroll?

Enrollment is easy and FREE! Encourage your members to register today online or by calling (866) 333-3551. Please make sure they enter agreement code IEC when filling out their form of payment under the Credit Cards & Accounts tab. This will ensure that they are counted towards your total.

You Can Win Too!
To reward the hard work you've done to encourage your members to enroll in The Home Depot Pro Xtra program, the IEC Foundation will recognize your chapter’s growth in the challenge (May 2017 through December 2017)

This is the last month! Awards will be presented to qualifying chapters at Business Summit 2018, based on the following structure:


 Goal Designation


 25% enrollment


 50% enrollment


 75% enrollment


 100% enrollment

*Enrollment percentage based on total contractor and associate members within each respective chapter.

Keep up the good work and make sure you hit the Platinum level!


IEC Members can get 2% cash back on all qualifying pre-tax purchases (meeting the $12,500 annual purchase threshold).

In addition to the rebate, The Home Depot will donate a half of a percent of all sales in this program to the IEC Foundation! In 2017, the IEC Foundation has received over $135,000 through the Pro Xtra program. 


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