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A Simple Approach to Dealing With Strategy, Innovation, and Leadership

During our Keynote Session, you'll hear Robbie Bach discuss the basics of strategy and how every business is built on the same core concepts.Even though he is the founder of the Xbox, Robbie understands what it means to work in the context of small business, operating with 15 employees or less. He will walk you through scenarios of:

  • The process of building a great business
  • Dealing with growth
  • Handling and overcoming obstacles of change

As a past attendee, you know first-hand how IECCon provides the arena you need to increase your skills, stay ahead of current trends, and improve your bottom line.

Robbie will discuss why innovation isn't a buzzword, tackle team management, and help you plan for the future.IECCon17 is the one event you cant afford to miss!

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