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Live-Online Electrical Apprenticeship Program

Live-Online Electrical Apprenticeship Program Starts Week of September 18th

Beginning in mid-September we will offer the first year apprenticeship program through live-online training.  The program is available to contractor members students who live or regularly work close to 50 miles from the training center.  

The class will be one night a week via live webcast through WizIQ’ S virtual classroom. Tuition and books must be paid for in advance, and there are no refunds. Tuition is $750.00 per semester and books for the first year will be about $450.00. The price for the books is subject to change when we get the shipping cost.

APPLICATION PROCESS:  Click here for the general information sheet and information about the distance learning program rules.  Applications will be accepted through September 1, 2017 by email or fax.  When all information is received, students will be interviewed by IEC staff.  The student must also take and successfully pass a 10 panel urinalysis drug test.

The distance learning class will start the week of September 18, 2017, the class day is yet to be determined.

With any questions you may have,  please contact Hank Strittmatter hank@iecfwtc.org or 817-496-8422.

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