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Electrical Apprenticeship Training


You have a lot of options when planning your Educational Path. A good education leads you into new territories, arms you with solid skills that will support you for a lifetime, and helps you turn a passion into a career. At IEC Fort Worth/Tarrant County, we offer such a path and encourage you to explore Electrical Apprenticeship as an option. Unlike a traditional 4-year program, graduates of the IEC Fort Worth/Tarrant County Apprenticeship Program leave school employed, with no school debts to carry, and the typical pay ranges of graduates are $40,000-$80,000 a year!


Get started in the electrical industry through our Apprenticeship Training Program. Our intensive four year apprenticeship training program is designed to provide an electrical apprentice with the necessary theory and practical training to earn the status of electrician.

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Electrical Apprenticeship Training Programs

IEC Fort Worth/Tarrant County Electrical Apprenticeship Program Overview

Enroll in an IEC apprentice training program and earn while you learn!

IEC Electrical Apprenticeship Training Programs combine the on-the-job training and formal related technical instruction you need to prepare you for this high-demand field. This means you get paid to work while you receive a top-notch education in the electrical field. Where else can you do that?!

Students will receive no less than 576 hours of classroom activities and 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. Our instructors are trained in using an interactive approach. Students are encouraged to ask questions, allowing instructors to not only train, but to mentor apprentices.

This is an Equal Employment Opportunity in Apprenticeship and Training for all applicants who meet the qualifications of the program. Women, Minorities, and Veterans are encouraged to apply.

Let's Compare 4-Year Programs

Are you aware that it takes an electrician 4 years, the same as a traditional degree, to complete their program? A Master Electrician trains as long as doctor studies, having at least 8 years on the job and the 4 years of classroom study. As with many professions, an electrician must also be licensed. So let's compare your two options, using (2014) stats:

Annual Tuition & Mandatory Fees* $9,427-$29,720 (resident vs. non-resident)

$.36 per hour worked (based on a forty hour work week)

Approximately $750.00

On Campus Resident Hall Room, Cable & Phone $6,424 N/A
Meal Plan (Average) $4,209 N/A
Books & Supplies** $1,130 Books Provided by IEC
Local Transportation & Incidental Costs** $3,162 N/A
TOTAL $24,352-$44,645 (resident vs. non-resident) $750.00

That's Only $3,000 For All Four Years!

At a traditional university, he or she may or may not have a job during this time, and is not likely working in the field of study while in school. At graduation, he or she may or may not have a job; may take up to a year to find work within his/her field of study, and the graduate may have a school loan debt ranging from $15,000 to $100,000.

In stark contrast, IEC Apprentices are looking at $3,000 for all 4 years, work throughout the entire 4 years they are in school working for our association member electrical contractors. *Some members choose to set up a reimbursement program with good students, based on performance and grades. In some cases, most of the apprentices’ school expenses are entirely reimbursed. The apprentice finishes the program employed and with no school debts, and...

...graduates of the IEC Apprenticeship Program leave school employed, with no school debts to carry, and the typical pay ranges of graduates are: $40,000-$85,000 a year!