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DFW "TRIP" Program

Great news if your company is doing work at DFW Airport on the Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program “TRIP!” DFW is contributing $0.13 per reported man-hours worked on TRIP projects (as of your ROCIP enrollment date) to be used for craft and construction related training for all Qualified Contractor Employees, as defined in the Administrative Guidelines for Qualified Contractors.

IEC Fort Worth/Tarrant County Chapter has been approved as a non-CEF training provider. General information is below and additional information is attached.

DFW-TRIP Craft & Construction Related Training Program Guidelines At-A-Glance


[Refer to the DFW-TRIP Craft and Construction Related Training Program Administrative Guidelines for Qualified Contractors for the complete version.]

What is the DFW-TRIP Craft & Construction Related Training Program?

DFW Airport has established a training fund that nets $0.13 per reported man-hour, for each hourly employee working under DFW Airport’s ROCIP, which commenced in February of 2011.

Who Can Use the Training Funds in Your Training Account?

Your hourly employees who have worked, or are working, under DFW Airport’s ROCIP on the TRIP project can use these funds, upon approval of an authorized representative from your company, for approved craft and construction related training.

How Do You Set Up Your Training Account?

Have the appropriate person complete and sign the A-1 Form, located in your Qualified Contractor Packet, and return it to the Program Administrator, Construction Education Foundation (CEF), as soon as possible. Your training account will not be finalized until the Administrator has received a signed A-1 Form.

Where Can You Send Your Employees for Approved Training?

• Go to for a listing of TRIP Approved Courses offered through CEF and a listing of TRIP Approved Courses (TAC) that are through Non-CEF Training Providers.

• If you have a specific course that you would like to send your employees to that is not through CEF, or is not on the TAC list, then you can fill out the Course Pre-Approval Form (CPAF) and submit it to the Administrator with the required documentation, to get the course approved and added to the TAC list.

• If you need a customized course developed for your hourly employees on the TRIP job, contact CEF or one of the other Approved Training Providers.

How Can You Access the Funds in Your Training Account?

• Approved courses offered at CEF can be paid for directly from your Training Account when you register for the course, contingent on employee eligibility and available funds at the time.

• Approved courses offered through Non-CEF training providers must be paid for initially by the contractor, and then a D-1 Reimbursement Form will need to be submitted to the Administrator. Reimbursement is contingent on employee eligibility, adequate funds, and if attendance requirements have been met.

What If the Training Costs More Than What is Available In Your Training Account?

The Administrator will pay for the approved training with the total amount of funds are available in your Training Account. If training is done through CEF, your company will be invoiced for the difference. If training is done through a Non-CEF Training Provider, you will only be reimbursed for the amount available in your account at that time. You may submit one invoice to the Administrator per course, at a later date when you have additional funds in your Training Account, for reimbursement of the balance, but not to exceed the amount available in your Training Account at that time.

The Administrator will also be setting up a General Account, using unused training funds. Funds can be pulled from the General Account to pay for approved training, on a first come first served basis.

What Happens to the Funds In Your Account if You Don’t Use Them?

After one year of inactivity, your unused funds may be transferred to the General Account. The Administrator will make every attempt to contact you to see if you have plans to use your funds at a future date. If so, you can request an extension in writing and your funds will not be transferred to the General Account at that time.

How can I find out more information about the DFW-TRIP Craft & Construction Related Training Program?

1. Contact the Program Administrator, CEF, at 972-574-5200. Someone will answer your questions on the phone, or will schedule a time to come out to your company and meet with you to go over the program.

Guidelines 2013 - Revised 2-8-13
Welcome Letter
Craft Training Overview DFW
Form A-1 2013
Form D-1 Reimbursement Request Form 3-8-13
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